Industrial Metal Products

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Industrial Metal Products brings decades of recycling and trading expertise to any possible Industrial Customer or scrap dealer that seeks better service or representation in the general metals/steel industries, unencumbered by association with any other company in the scrap business. Our one an only revenue stream depends on getting the absolute best price for your recyclable metals at any given point in time. We market your material to both foreign and domestic end-users, taking into account disparities in regional demand on a global scale and ever-changing transportation costs (which are themselves influenced by factors varying from monthly bilateral overseas trade deficits to weather phenomena and crude oil prices). Whether we send scrap by rail to Pittsburgh, by truck to Birmingham, in shipping containers to Karachi or in bulk to Istanbul, rest assured we will be pursuing the best option at the time for your company and ours.

Recycled or Repurposed

We search across the country to find out-of-use metal to bring to our customers. Whether your searching for scrap or fully-functional pieces, we have something for you.

Delivered Directly to You

We use whatever transport necessary to get the product to you when you need it. From the continental US to all around the world, we make sure your order arrives safely.

More Than 40 Years in the Industry

Ken Deaton, President and CEO of IMP, Inc., brings with him more than 40 years of experience in all aspects of metal recycling. Starting at his father and grandfather's scrap yard before moving on to various scrap brokering companies, he knows the business inside and out. Now he's focused on bringing the best recycling deals to you to make sure you get the highest quality products at a fraction of the price of the large brokers.